Youth Ministry

At RLC we have 2 groups for youth Jr High and Sr High.  They meet weekly to increase their knowledge in God and grow in their faith.  They also engage in large group activites:  Underground Church,  Acquire the Fire and others.  To learn more about each group, click on the name. 

On Wednesday,  we have “The Village”.   It opens September 10th at 2:30pm! Dinner is served 5:00-5:30pm($2 donation encouraged) weekly. This is a safe place where teens can hang-out after school, get tutoring if needed and be surrounded by God’s love.  All are welcome here!     Be here – Belong – Be loved – Be brave!

Sunday Evening is Youth Night.  6:00-8:30pm.  This is open to 7-12 grade students.   6-7pm -Youth Worship Service followed by games, activities or movies in the fellowship hall.

 2014  Gospel Glee Summer Music Camp

 2014  Camp Scholarship Appliaiton


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